Monday, October 19, 2009

A contest! A contest!

But first, a word from our sponsor...

Have you ever had writer's block? That nasty feeling that makes you feel uncreative and worse--like a hack?

Have you spent hours hunched over your laptop, staring at a blank page in your current w.i.p. and wondering...what am I going to write next? Will I ever write again?

You know the feeling. You have the next scene all mapped out. You know what you need your character to do. But for whatever reason--it's. Not. Happening. You can't get that square peg to fit your round hole and the result is blockage.

Well friend, I'm telling you there's no need to worry. Because I have the fix for you. It's a simple word and you've heard it many time. Are you ready?


That's right.

It's all you need. Sprinkle a little conflict in there and you'll be all...

What's that? What did you say? You've already got conflict? Then, friend--it's not the right kind. After all, there's conflict and then there's CONFLICT! That's what I'm talking about. The big conflict. The kind that means aliens and exploding cars and global nuclear war and--what's that? You're writing a romance? And you don't have that kind of conflict?

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine. She's a romance writer and she already uses my system. Let's hear what she has to say:  

Take a look at what you've already written. Is it possible that what you're concerned with in the scene you finish yesterday, last week, last year already deals with the issues--the conflict--you think you need to work in?  I ask because I had a similar problem a few weeks ago. No matter what I did, I couldn't get the words out the way I needed to.The harder I tried to write, the worse the blockage became. And then...illumination.
The reason my character refused to do what I expected her to do was because I'd already done it. I just didn't realize it.

When I looked at the scene I'd just finished, I realized that I'd already taken my character as far as I could through her conflict and now--she needed to explore the results of the way she dealt with it. How will her decisions affect her now? And what new conflicts will arise?

Before I knew it, I was writing again.

And there you have it, friend. That's all you need to do.

Now, I know all of you are wondering. What contest? What can I win?

What can you win?  I'll tell you what you can win--a free copy (that's FREE) of Kissing Trick, C.D. Yates' newest release from TWRP. (If you'd like to read the first chapter, go here: Kissing Trick, Chapter One)

And all you need to do is leave a comment. :) (If you're one of my three readers, I think--if I'm doing the math correctly--you have a 1 in 3 chance to WIN!)

So act now! Don't delay!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Finally! A release!

Note to self: If it's dangerous, they will find it.

Hey. Bet you'd like me to explain my "note to self".

Later, my child. Later.

No, what's important, today (to me): KISSING TRICK IS FINALLY RELEASED!

Woo-hoo!!  (happy dance)

This is a very special book, to me. I LOVE my hero. He's sexy, smart, kind, calm and sexy. And did I mention, he's sexy? Yeah, the guy on the cover looks good--but believe me, Trick looks even better. ;)

But you'll have to buy the book to find out why Trick is so hot...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Who am I today?

I'm starting to feel like Sybil.   She was a character based on a real woman and artist named Shirley Mason. Sybil was made famous through a movie based on a book by the same name.

She had disassociative personality disorder and the thirteen personalities to go with it. 

I don't have thirteen personalities. But I have five. Their names are Cyn, Cyn D., Cynthia, Cynthia B-T and Mommy.

Mommy is the patient one (when she's not being the nutty one, that is). She's the one who cleans the house, pays the bills, cooks the meals, does the laundry, mows the lawn, tends the pool, feeds the pets,helps the big kids with homework and other life issues and chases the two-year-old. Personally, I don't like Mommy. She's overwhelmed and overwrought, and has really bad hair. She needs a shower. She drinks too much coffee and is overweight because she doesn't take care of herself. She really needs a nap.

Cyn is the one who walks to Dunkin Donuts with her friend Sandi, to get coffee for Mommy. She is the one who talks to the DH and usually wants to kill him. She is scornful of Mommy but realizes the necessity of her. She thinks Mommy's weak for needing a nap.You can reach her at

Cyn the Writer. (She's the one writing this right now.) She usually wishes Mommy would sit down so she could get some writing down; she's afraid that if Mommy sits down, she will take a nap and no writing will get done. Though she wouldn't be averse to reading a book or two. You can reach her at

Cynthia is the Student. She is working on her Masters in Professional Writing at Chatham University and she is jealous of Cynthia the Writer, who gets to write fiction and spend time in her head with fun stuff instead of nasty non-fiction. She is very serious about her craft, however, and if given the opportunity would spend 24/7 in school. She is an overachiever. You can reach her at

Cynthia B-T is the Editor. She just started working for Lyrical Press and has no idea what she's doing yet. But she will. And then, I'm afraid, she'll take over. You can reach her at or, especially if you have a manuscript you feel would fit the publisher's guidelines. She'll be happy to hear from you.

But first...she (and the rest of her selves) need to decide who they are and what they're going to wear, today. Mommy's thinking something that is okay to get bleach-stained. Cyn wants to wear something with an elastic waistband and Cyn D. is thinking "warm socks". Cynthia just wants to get busy on her assignment, and Cynthia B-T is thinking she needs a power suit.

This could take all day.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Treats. No tricks!

How do you like my background. Isn't it adorable?

Even better--it was FREE!!

I wish I could donate something to the two very talented ladies who created this background and dancing witches hat. But I'm poor. So the best I can do is give them credit and tell you to go here.

Maybe YOU can afford to donate to these two moms: Becky and Ashley.

Ladies, you rock. ;) Thanks for the graphics. :) (Did I mention they were free?)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Welcome to my life.

It's sheer hell, I tell you.

I bet it sucks for The Wiggles, too. After all, I just have to listen to it repeatedly. THEY have to perform it. Again and again and again...