Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not all pirates

...look like this.

In fact, some pirates probably look more like this: 

I wouldn't doubt this geek is the same one who uploaded a copy of my friend and fellow author, Jennifer Shirk's book, Role of a Lifetime,onto their site for people to download, read and keep. That seems like a good deal, except--it's stealing.

Anytime you download a book to your computer, keep it, distribute it, upload it somewhere else--without permission of the author--you're stealing it. The author is in no way compensated. It would be like someone coming into your house and taking something you've created--something you've worked on, cried over, despised, loved and finally launched into the world for people to enjoy--and keeping it for themselves.

Without even thanking you.

So anytime you come upon one of these sites, where your favorite books are waiting for you to download them--for free!--please remember you're committing a crime. An act of thievery, of piracy--and not even the swashbuckling, Johnny Depp kind.


  1. Great post and reminder for those of us not struggling to feed our families with royalties from slaving over a manuscript!

  2. I'd much prefer the Johnny Depp kind. lol. Seriously though, so true and great post.

    Stealing is stealing and whether people realize it or not most authors aren't like the NY Times Best Sellers, bringing in the money.

    It's hard earned and well deserved and should be respected.

    I might have gotten Kissing Trick for free (from a friend of mine), but I chose to buy, not one, but two copies.

    Most e-books are inexpensive, if you can't afford it maybe a person should e-mail the author -vs- stealing from them.

  3. Indeed. Thieving b***ards. >.<


  4. Horrible. Glad you brought it to our and other's attentions.


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