Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cowboy up for my new release!

Alex Deville writes historical fiction, not erotica. But now, her editor wants her to write a story about a cowboy and a bordello and gives Alex a “present” to aid her. Can she do it? Will Alex, a woman who writes sweets, be able to come up with enough erotic scenarios to write a best seller, the best seller her editor is hoping for?

Zach O’Conner is a cowboy cursed by his own looks. His best friend Alex, the one woman who doesn’t treat him like a piece of meat, has asked him to give a demonstration at the upcoming romance writers conference on what real cowboys do.  Given the chance to be alone with Alex he accepts. He’s going to show Alex she’s not just the sexiest, most exciting woman he’s ever known, but the woman of his heart as well.

One cowboy. One writer. Silk scarves, sex cards, and a bathtub built for two. It’s all  In The Cards.

Available now! From Blade Publishing, Ltd. 


  1. Woop! Congrats on the release, Cyn! :D


  2. Grats Cyn!
    And I still like my render better lol!


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