Friday, April 23, 2010

Fiction Focus Friday!


My ten-year-old son's baseball teammate slept over last night; the two of them plus my three-year-old boy are all talking to me at once (or were, until I shooed them outside to irritate the neighbor with their yelling--honestly, she's such a bi-otch...she once yelled at a landscaper for blowing leaves because she couldn't sleep at 8:30 am. And she doesn't even work third shift, like my husband--she's just LAZY AND RUDE.)

Heh. If I find out her name, I'll post it here so we can all go out and sing The Star Spangled Banner under her window. Let her come out and complain about that. "But Officer, they were singing the national anthem under my bedroom window at eight in the morning..."

"Sorry ma'am, there's no law against singing the national anthem on private property and they were in your neighbor's yard. However, there is a law against public drunkeness. So why were you out so late that you need to sleep when the sun's in the sky and people are awake enough to work, sing and play?"

Anyhow--phew, that little anti-neighbor rant felt good--I'm too overwhelmed with boys right now to write anything thoughtful. Instead, I give you some covers from two upcoming books. They're very purty covers--if y'all like men. If not...well...sorry! You're on your own. ;)


  1. Ooh, yum! ;-)

    I often wake up in the afternoon these days. The disadvantage to a night owl girlfriend who lives in a time zone three and a half hours behind your own. :-P


  2. Who doesn't like men? LOL. Purty indeed- but then I'm biased about the one. ;)


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