Friday, September 4, 2009

Just a thought

Note to self: The amount of paper towels left on the roll is adversely proportional to the amount of piddle (dog or child's) left on the kitchen floor...

It's payday! I luuuuuv payday. For about two minutes (after checking our account balance) I can pretend that we don't have any bills. The sky's the limit. Wa-hoo!

Then I fill up the Jeep.

Today, as I stood pretending not to look at the pump, a thought crossed my mind. How many American lives were lost this week so that I could put gas in my vehicle? How many people were were injured or maimed?

Instead of pondering how my tank filled while my account depleted, I said a prayer for our soldiers in the Middle East, their families and all the people affected by the war. I thought I'd pass that idea along. It took my mind off my problems, which are minor and made me think of those wrestling with major problems: the loss of a loved one, the loss of a limb, a head injury, burns, scars and psychological trauma.

Just so I could fill up the Jeep.

It's just a thought. Say a prayer, and be thankful. The cost of gas is high, but the price so many of us are paying is even higher.

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