Friday, September 11, 2009

Technical difficulties, please stand by.

Note to self: orange poop looks like Playdough, but it's not.

I really want to blog every day. Honestly. But I've been busy trying to fix my website. My host provides website builders for technopoops like me; for some reason, I can't get it to work. I get error messages. Of COURSE I do. I always do!

If anyone has any (helpful) suggestions, I'd be happy to listen. Even better if they take into account the fact that I'm interrupted every twenty seconds to solve some crisis, like a lost WWE guy or the desperate need for milk from a two-year-old who has apparently been marching through the desert or something. So HTML and I don't get along. I forget brackets, lose track of where I was when I last left the computer, or get distracted by the constant yammering of small voices repeating sentences in a desperate attempt to get your attention. ("What is that in the road? What is in the road? Is that a truck in a road? What is in the road? Look at the guy in the road! The guy's in the road. Guy's in the road, Mommy....")

It's weird. You dream (when you're young) of the children you're going to have. You never think about the fact that they love you means they're going to be clinging to you every second of every day. Literally. I tripped over the two-year-old today on my way to the loo because he has a new habit of running up to hug your legs and saying, "I wuv you! I wuv you!" 

Motherhood is a two-edged sword. The problem is, you're never sure what edge you're going to get hit with...


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