Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I'm sad, today.

I have to drop out of my writer's group. I can't go to meetings, I barely have time to post to the loop and I need to focus on what my family needs instead of what I want. (Or need.)

Rhode Island Romance Writers was the first writers group I ever belonged to. Filled with amazing, supportive, smart and savvy women, it was the first place I realized I wasn't alone in hearing voices in my head.

From these women--kindred spirits all--I learned Craft. I learned about point-of-view and the evils of headhopping. I heard workshops on how to plot, the importance of conflict and the impact of The Black Moment. I discovered Dwight Swain, Jack Bickham, The Plot Doctor and especially, Debra Dixon's GMC. I found out how to write a decent synopsis, how to write an effective query and how to pitch a book without vomiting on the editor.

Most of all, I learned the importance of paying it forward and helping out your fellow writer.There's magic in that group--miracles do happen.

God Bless you, RIRW members. You'll never be far from my thoughts or my heart.

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