Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I just didn't fall in love with it

...a tough thing to say about your own book.

Of course, I'm at the point where I loathe this particular book anyway. It's JP's story. He's one of the other McCullough brothers readers can meet in Kissing Trick, and it was the first of the books that I wrote.

I wrote it about eleven years ago. Way back when I still was trying to figure out how to properly plot a book (or plot a book in a way that works for me). I pulled it out of the closet a few days ago figuring I'd finally do the rewrites I knew needed to be done.

The problem is: I wasn't sitting on the writer-side of the desk at the time. Instead, the editor-me read a few pages and said the dreaded words: "I'm just not in love with it."

Crap. This book is going to need a ton of work before I even consider letting an editor besides myself have at it. My goal: to shape it into a book that any editor would love. Wish me luck.


  1. I know the feeling! My first novel has been sitting in my drawer for months now. It's in DIRE need of a rewrite. :-)

    I'll get around to it eventually though, as I love the characters and story.

    Good luck with yours!!!


  2. I'm thinking about revising a story. But it needs major revisions, too. Sometimes the thought of them is paralyzing.
    If you get thru yours, it will be encouraging to me. :)

  3. You know Cyn, I'm in the same boat with my first book. I want to revise it so badly! LOL


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