Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Writing Anxiety

I'm gonna blow.

Any second now. I can feel it.

I haven't been able to write since September because I've been going to school and editing other people's books.

I'm getting anxious.

Random characters keep wandering into my thoughts, pushing me. "Wouldn't this by a great thing to remember for my book? You do remember my book, don't you? Don't you?"

Shane and Dale from my half-finished manuscript, Nuts Over You, have teamed up and are tapping their toes and frowning at me. Shane's got the squirrel on his hand. Dale's lips are pursed.  There are toys everywhere. The three-year-old they're babysitting is swinging from the ceiling fan and giggling--and they don't care anymore. They just want to get the romance under way and give the kid a nap.

Ceci and Duke, from my other half-finished manuscript, Love You to Death, are still on the couch in Ceci's living room. She's miffed. She still has her post-blood headache and so much sexual tension, she's vibrating. Duke is probably the only character who's patient--but he's got eternity. He's immortal, after all. He's yawning and cleaning dirt out from under his nails with the edge of a matchbook cover. Yes, he wants Ceci too--but he's biding his time. He knows--from experience--that delayed gratification is the best gratification. And besides, he knows they've got an audience.

Lionheart gazes in the window (even though Ceci's on the second floor of a Victorian-style two family home--heights mean nothing to vampires, you know). He's hungry, Ceci looks yummy and Duke won't share.

I have a feeling if I don't work on something soon, it's gonna be ugly.  Especially now that a new character (or two) have started to announce themselves...


  1. Hehe, I know the feeling. :D

    My characters have been strangely quiet lately though. Maybe they know I'm busy. :)


  2. I wish mine would be quiet...they're screaming. Louder and louder each day.

    I wonder if earplugs would help?

  3. Earplugs or booze. I'd say booze, as you can still hear the telly then. :D



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